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Lead Vocals

Rickie Byars

Rickie Byars is one of the most acclaimed and beloved singer-songwriters there is in the genre of inspirational/New Thought music. Through her three decade career as both a solo artist, Music & Arts Director  and as Founder /Director of the world-renowned Agape International Choir, Byars’ deeply soulful and heart-felt songs of spiritual renewal, uplift and empower and have struck a powerful chord with audiences around the globe.

She has built an impressive international following as well. Indeed, the vibrations of “realness” in her music are so strong that they resonate with everyone from residents of L.A.’s SkidRow to South Africa’s Archbishop Desmond Tutu and His Holiness the Dalai Lama, all of whom she has had the honor of performing for,the latter on five different occasions.

Musical Instruments

Rob McBass

Rob McDonald is lovingly known as Paw-Paw in the B-hood because he is just that soulful and sings and plays that bass like he’s been around for a long time. We truly love Paw-Paw and are honored to have him in the B-hood Band of Devotion.

Versatility is the key component of this talented, self-taught musician, bassist, singer and producer who hails from Detroit, the Motor City. He is commonly referred to as “Rob McBass,” and for mighty good reasons.

Music Instruments

Rashid Lanie

Rashid Lanie plays so well that we have to call his name twice!! Rashid! Rashid!  Rashid’s thoughts run deep and many times convey a worldview that one could miss. This is one talented musician and composer whose talents go far beyond the impressive list of people who don his bio. Rashid is special to us and we are very honored to have his presence in the B-hood Band of Devotion.

RASHID LANIE is an award winning composer, arranger, pianist, producer and recording artist. He has appeared at the "World Cup 2010 Kick-Off Celebration Concert" in South Africa, where he performed with John Legend, Angelique Kidjo, Shakira, Alicia Keyes and The Black-eyed Peas. Rashid also appeared at Pan Jazz 2011 at The Lincoln Center starring the legendary South African musician Hugh Masekela and a world class Carribean Pan ensemble and NY Rhythm section, all under his musical direction.

Musical Instruments

Dorothy J. James

Dorothy J. James’ first induction to music was learning to play piano by ear at the tender age of 7. This came after she had already start singing with her sisters at age 5.

The development of her unique soulful style of vocalization is the result of a lifetime of musical influences from her soulful musical family and community. Her paternal side were spiritual community leaders and her maternal side included the Mitchells and Hodges, all of which obtained notoriety for their musical contributions to world renown musicians accredited for setting the foundation of what is known today as the “Memphis Sound”.